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Malaysians: How To Stay Fit During the Year-end Holidays (without Depriving Yourself!)

Hey there, kawan-kawan! As we gear up for the festive season and year-end holidays here in Malaysia, with all its glorious makan and get-togethers, I’m here to share some tips to help you stay healthy while still enjoying the season.

Balance is Key: Feasting ‘in Moderation’

We Malaysians love our festivities and the delicious spread that comes with it. And we Malaysians show our love and connection THROUGH food! So it’s really not practical to ask anyone to ‘refrain’ from enjoying some of these holiday treats.

However… the key is to keep it balanced. Sure, indulge in your holiday favourites, but don’t forget your daily dose of healthier choices. If you had some good nasi lemak for breakfast, balance it out and get back on track with your next meal (instead of turning it into a slippery slope and ‘abandoning’ the rest of the meals for the day.

Plan Your Indulgences and Savour Them

Festive seasons are special, and so is the food. It’s more than just eating; it’s sometimes tradition.. for example.. Christmas is the only time my mom will make some murukku, pineapple tarts, and other sweet treats… and these bring back childhood memories of family gatherings. So, enjoy those special festive treats, but do it with mindfulness. Make every indulgence worth it!

Keep Active: Keep moving!

We’ve all heard the saying: “You can’t run away from a bad diet.” That’s true, but exercise is still important. It’s not just about burning off that extra banana leaf meal; it’s about feeling energised, keeping fit, and achieving your health goals. If your usual routine gets disrupted, try fitting in exercise in the mornings or weekends. A daily 30-min walk works magic for a lot of our clients at the gym. A little planning can make a big difference and not disrupt your fitness journey.

Accountability: Do it with a friend!

It’s easy to back out of a plan when no one else knows about it. So, create some accountability. This could be joining a group class (like our small-group PT, or working with a personal trainer, or just making a pact with a friend!).

It can even be a public declaration to a supportive online / in-person community to create some momentum. No matter how you choose to get your accountability, it’s always better when you have someone to share your fitness journey with.

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Most Importantly, Have Fun!

Don’t be that party pooper that has to turn down everything at the dinner table because you’re on a diet.

Sure, you can make healthier choices on what you put on your plate, but, the festive season is all about enjoying these moments – and sometimes, it’ involves food – and that’s OK.

While you’re keeping up with your fitness goals, remember to spend time with your loved ones, immerse in the festive spirit, and yes, indulge in some of your favourite treats. It’s all about finding that sweet balance – enjoying life while taking care of yourself.

Let’s make this festive season a memorable one, with lots of love, laughter, and a little bit of magic!

Yours in health,

Coach Noel
Team Lead @ DailyMuscle

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