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Yes. We don’t love gyms either. That’s why we created the DailyMuscle LightHouse.

Fitness isn’t always fun. Gyms can be intimidating, people today are really busy, and training hard can seem daunting.

That’s why DailyMuscle is about making fitness as enjoyable as possible.

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Fun-fitness is what this is! A place where you're never "not good enough", regardless of what you can or cannot do. The DM Team, Noel & Kim have helped me lose over 15KG. They are more than just coaches, they make you part of the family.
Ida Ghazali
This is the best gym - for people who do not like gyms! This is an awesome community and home for people (all shapes, colours & sizes) - on their journey to improve their fitness. All of their coaches carry the same vision and ownership as Noel & Kim - most gyms are transactional, but this one is relational, and that's what differentiates a gym and a home.
Joshah Choong
I've lost more than 10kgs of fat since I first joined. The gym is a very close-knit community where I can get lots of tips, motivation and support from the coaches and fellow heroes (gym members). The workouts are effective, fun and well planned... and I now enjoy the convenience of Zoom workouts (without having to leave my home!)
Kah Yin