Frequently Asked Questions

DM - Digital Key Access

Why do I need to download the digital key app?

With our new and flexible staff schedules which includes some of the team working from home, we are moving towards an unmanned front desk – which means at times, there may be no one to open the main door once everyone is in a class. Your digital key will give you free access to our facility, and prevent you from being locked out.

Can I use the digital key for the 5th floor studio?

The digital key is required for Ground Floor access only. For the 5th floor, studio doors open 10-mins before class start time as usual – your instructor will be there to let you in!

At what times can I access the ground floor?

With the exception for Sundays, the ground floor will be open whenever there are classes or training sessions going on, which are typically at these hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 11AM, 4:00PM – 8:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM – 11:30AM
Sundays: Grd floor closed

What’s on the ground floor? Do I have to go there?

The ground floor is our main facility where you’ll find seating areas, lockers, changing rooms, toilets and showers, drinks and also merchandise for purchase. Our private training studio and Unicorn Room (where SGPTs are) are also on the ground floor. Many heroes prefer to come earlier and chill at the ground floor first before heading up for their class on the 5th floor.

Why will the front desk be unattended?

We’re soon introducing a new staff working schedule which gives our team more work flexibility, and doesn’t require them to be there all the time.

How will I purchase items / drinks / merchandise if the front desk is unmanned?

Easy! It’s all self-service and trust! Simply take your desired item, check the price, and pay via a QR code!

How can I get help/support if I have any concerns with my membership if there’s no one at the front desk?

For support with your membership or any enquiries, best way is to email [email protected], or Whatsapp 011-37998750 – and a team member will get back to you soonest.

For Heroes@Home doing a livestream class, we encourage booking your livestream classes at least a few hours early so you get the link and you’re all set for class as we may not be able to provide immediate support for last minute / late bookings.

I don’t wish to use my phone or download anything – what are my options?

We totally understand if you do not wish to ‘download another thing’ on your phone. The goal of using a digital key is to avoid more plastic in your wallet. So an alternative would be to use any existing NFC enabled card already in your wallet (like Malaysian IC, public transportation cards, ATM/Credit cards) – which we can set-up for you to use as your access card. However, you will need to schedule a time with us to do this (process takes 5-10 mins).

A NOTE ABOUT CARD SECURITY: We would like to affirm that the card reader is not able to read any information from these cards other than their unique NFC token. Contactless bank cards, and other cards that carry sensitive information, are encrypted and our readers are unable to read this information.

I did not get the activation email from Kisi.

Hang on – have you checked your spam folder? If still nothing, then please let us know by replying to this email. Access is currently given to Heroes with an in-person membership. So if you’re having a heroes@home membership, you will not be receiving a digital key and you need to arrange access separately by contacting us in advance.

Just wondering… is the gym safe if there’s no one at the front desk?

We’re counting on you, and everyone to treat the LightHouse with love and respect like we always have ????. We are a members-only facility with no walk-ins, so to an extent, we’re kinda like a home, and not a hotel – and no outsider can get in unless someone let’s them in – so avoid letting someone in unless you know who they are! Having said that, we’ve also upgraded and installed new 24/7 CCTVs, movement sensors, which record all activity and alert our team should something happen.

I have more questions / need help with my digital key.

Happy to help! Just email us – [email protected] or whatsapp us – 011-37998750.

Other miscellaneous info on the features of your DM Kisi digital key:

Why does location services need to be enabled?
You will need to enable Location Services (Apple) or App location permissions (Android) on your mobile. Kisi does not track any location information. The location service only communicates with Kisi when an unlock is being performed, and only to verify your distance to our main door.

Other features:

iPhone users can unlock the door with a wave of your hand, without actively using your mobile. As a Kisi user on iOS, you can also unlock doors with your Apple Watch without actively using your mobile.


Unlock doors with Kisi on Apple Watch

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the Kisi iOS app installed on your iPhone
  2. Download the same app directly to your watch
  • Alternatively, you can install Kisi in the Watch app of your phone
  1. Open Kisi on your iPhone. This will automatically sign you into the watch app. If not, try to sign out and in again to trigger the iCloud sync.
  2. Once signed in, you’ll find a list of your places on your watch screen, with the nearest place being pre-selected
  3. Tap on a place to see the available doors. Favorites will be marked and shown on the top of the screen.
  4. Tap the appropriate door to unlock

To learn more about the technology and system behind our new digital access, you can head over to the Kisi website.

Thank you for helping us keep the Lighthouse a safe and inclusive space for everyone.