Recommended Supplements

Hey there heroes!

It’s no secret that supplements can be a helpful part of your overall fitness strategy. But it’s also true that many are over-hyped, over-priced, and poor quality – and it’s hard to navigate and find the right ones that actually work well.

Well, you’re in luck my friend.

Your trusty pals at DailyMuscle have created this special page just for you to get our suggestions for supplements that could support your goals.

While the friendly young man at GNC probably has good intentions, we want the very best for our beloved members.

Now it’s worth reiterating, supplements are just that; a supplement to the foundations of exercise, nutrition, and recovery.

Alas, there are no magic pills. But since we know many of you would benefit from a handful of high-quality, research-backed additions to your whole foods, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of it for you.

NOTE: After painstaking research, these are the products and brands we believe in. But we want to be upfront that DailyMuscle receives a small 2% commission when you buy directly through the links below. We appreciate your consideration of supporting us by making your purchases via the links below.

Some items such as fish oil and magnesium can also be purchased directly at the LightHouse (drop us to enquire what we have in stock)

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