Congratulations on completing your 21-day Kickstart Challenge!

We’re super proud of you for making it this far!

Here’s your options to continue training in the weeks to come (and some special deals for completing the program).

Here are some one-time-only, super-special offers for you:

MONTH-TO-MONTH (Cancel Anytime Membership)

*20% off your first month (use code 20AFTERTRIAL at check-out)
* membership fee is billed every 4 weeks
* minimum 12-week commitment, cancel anytime with 28-days notice


*50% off your first month (use code 50AFTERTRIAL at check-out)
* FIRST 5 to Enroll for the month: BONUS 5x SGPT pack (RM500+ value) to use anytime throughout your 1-year
* Buddy pass to bring a friend for 5x workouts with you
* Flexible 4x complimentary membership freezes (2-8 weeks per freeze)
* membership fee is due every 4 weeks
* 1-year commitment

Got leftover class credits from your program?

  • Your credits from your trial will expire on your trial end date (see profile on your app). However, we can ‘roll over’ any unused credits into an active paid subscription. Credits will remain active as long as your membership is active, so you get to use them at your own pace!
The fine print
  • All rates subject to 6% SST
  • These deals are our best rates reserved for those who complete a trial and not available to the public (you won’t find this offer on our website or anywhere else).
  • Our 1-year memberships are the BEST DEAL and super-flexible as you may freeze your membership up to 4x a year (each freeze is a minimum of 2-weeks and a max of 8-weeks)
  • Early cancellation of any membership is a flat RM350 termination fee. Cancellations due to a medical reason (letter required) or relocating to more than 40km away, your termination fee will be waived.
  • Our rates are expected to go up by approx 5% soon, so secure your membership now to lock in these best rates and avoid the price increase.
  1. Decide on your membership option and click the links above to claim your discount.
    Remember to key in your discount code:
    – Cancel Anytime memberships: 50AFTERTRIAL for 20% off your first month
    – 1-yr memberships: 50AFTERTRIAL to enjoy 50% off your first month
  2. If you need your program to start on a later date, contact us for a one-time adjustment/delayed start of your new membership.
Act fast to claim the action-taker bonuses (5x SGPT) since they are only limited to the first 5 each month!

Got questions? Need help to decide? Feel free to whatsapp us (011-37998750).

Looking forward to have you with us!